Towards Type-2 civilization and in between

It's good to develop a perspective to always comply our actions with the environment.
We have limited time to experiment, so everybody should be doing it.
Efficient generation, transportation and consumption of energy is one of such problems to be experimented with.
Open Source tools, regardless of its size will always have exponential impacts in the society.

a_മ്മ's initiative would like to focus on optimizing energy intermittency problems with software.
Our aim is to utilize stranded energy and flatten out intermittency at consumer level through automation.

Hey curious reader, 

Currently, we're at the very beginning stage still trying to sort out problems that we can address one step at a time. If you're interested and feel like doing something with us, why not join the quest?

If you find this an interesting problem to solve, and would like to learn more about the efforts and concepts that the world is taking on, start reading about Kardashev scale or checkout the video and references below.

team a-mma (a_മ്മ).

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